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Join with us in a time of prayer and fasting for Afghanistan starting tomorrow (08.18.21) with our Wednesday Night prayer meeting (both in-person and Zoom options). Prayer cards will be available (information noted below as well) with general and specific prayer concerns.​


You can personally decide what this time of prayer and fasting will look like: you may choose to fast for one meal, or fast the entire time from Wednesday evening to Thursday evening, depending on health issues and ability.


In addition, you are welcome to come to the church campus and pray during church office hours (9AM-5PM) in Room 101.


Finally, we will close out our time of prayer and fasting together with a Zoom meeting at 5:30 PM on Thursday evening. An invitation will be sent out Thursday morning via the 3rbc email forum and prayer digest so that you can connect with us.

General Ways to Pray

Provided by OpenDoorsUsa.Org


Pray for an end to the violence and for God to give wisdom to the leaders and all those involved in peace negotiations. Pray no more civilians would be injured or killed from airstrikes or attacks from either Afghanistan’s government or Taliban forces.


Pray for the hungry. Ask for God’s divine provision for those in the margins of the war—for the men, women and children whose stomachs are rumbling due to the drought and lack of access to food and other basic needs. Pray for the Lord’s miracles to be real in their lives and that He would provide them both physical and spiritual food to nourish their bodies and souls.

Pray for the sick. Many people in Afghanistan are infected and dying from COVID-19, especially with the spread of the Delta variant and lack of access to healthcare. Pray for the Lord’s healing and restoration to be upon all those who are ill. Pray He would send more vaccines to the country and that the vaccine rollout would be successful even amidst the increasing violence. He is the God of the impossible.

Pray for the displaced. Many families are in refugee camps, are fleeing their homes or are thinking about fleeing. Pray for the Lord to grant them His protection, wisdom, shelter and provision.

Pray for the believers. There must be so much fear and

trepidation among followers of Christ who are secretly living their faith within their homes in this country, especially with the news of a possible Taliban takeover. Pray for the Holy Spirit to strengthen these secret believers in their inner being. Pray the peace of God would rule in their hearts.

Specific Ways to Pray 

Provided by Brian and Carol


• ...for those believers in the country who have boldly walked by faith in the past. Pray that their faith would be strengthened during this challenging time.

• ...that the Scriptures that have been shared over the years would move from the heads to the hearts of our friends.

• ...that the Lord would protect the women, specifically the single women and our deaf school women/girls, who are most vulnerable.

• ...that the Lord will give those of us who have lived in

A-land the words to say/text when communicating with our desperate friends and co-workers. (Our phones have been “dinging”constantly, day and night, over the past week.)

• ...that the Lord would open boarders for those who need to leave. There is a feeling of being trapped in the country that is multiplying the stress.

• ...that those who have lost their jobs will be provided for. (This would include NGO workers, most females and more.)

• ...for those Afghans, who are separated from their families, during this crisis.

• ...for the Taliban to be saved. God can change even the hardest of hearts.

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