Children's Ministry

Childrens Ministry

Psalm 78:5 “He established a testimony in Jacob, and appointed a law in Israel, which He commanded our fathers, that they should teach them to their children, that the generation to come might know, even the children yet to be born.”

Sunday School

We at Three Rivers believe that children can learn deep truths about God at a young age. The Bible is filled with so many exciting and interesting stories about the great God we serve! The curriculum we use is from Desiring God Ministries. This excellent material teaches in depth Biblical truths in a child-friendly interesting manner.


KFC or Kids for Christ is the generic term for our Wednesday night programs. They include:

Bible Drill
Our Drill team meets on Wednesday nights at 6:45. Wow, what a blessing! Through games, “raps” and puzzles our children learn the Bible books in order, 25 Bible verses and 10 key passages. Each year a number of our children participate in the State Bible drill “competition”. However, the biggest blessing of all is when a child learns a verse and takes it to heart and it changes his life. Yes! What a great God we serve.

Bible Buddies
These 2nd and 3rd graders spend one year studying the Old Testament and the next year studying the New Testament. They learn a little about each book. Who wrote it? To whom was it written? What were the circumstances? Again, using the team concept, these children have a great time and come out of this class eager to move on to the Bible Drill program.

“Lil” KFC
Our youngest and brightest also are busy on Wednesdays. I heard a little girl say, “It’s like having VBS all the time.” Stories, crafts and music make up our time and somehow these guys have time to “write” notes of encouragement to different groups in the church and community.

The crazy, lazy days of summer? Not so with us! The TRB children take a break from our Wednesday night programs and work on a Children”s Musical. From Good Kings Come in Small Packages to Splash Kingdom, our children have a ball learning basic music theory and how to put a show together — all for the glory of God!

Vacation Bible School
VBS changes from year to year. Some years we make VBS strictly evangelistic, bringing the Good News to different communities. Other years we have VBS right here at the church and encourage visitors from our area to join us. Our curriculum is carefully selected to insure Biblical accuracy and depth. We always have a ball!

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