About Three Rivers Baptist

Loving, Obeying and Proclaiming the Lord Jesus Christ


In 1982, stating their desire was to establish a church that would be marked by uncompromised obedience to the word of God, a church that would reach out to the unchurched, 112 men and women who had left another local Baptist church, formed Three Rivers Baptist church. We met for three years at a local elementary school, and moved into our present facilities in 1985. Through the years, God has blessed TRB with gifted teachers and preachers, servants and shepherds. Our study of the Scriptures has led us to our present positions in doctrine and church leadership. Since 1996, we have redirected our attention to our mission as a church, with a renewed focus on Loving, Obeying and Proclaiming the Lord Jesus Christ through Inreach (ministry and growth), Outreach (evangelism, missions and community involvement) and Upreach (worship and prayer).

Who We Are

TRB is a young Reformed Baptist church averaging 200-250 persons overseen by a plurality of elders and helped by an active body of deacons and ministry teams to reflect Christ in benevolence, purity, witness, worship, and faithfulness to God’s Word. Our worship in substance is Christ-centered and Scripturally-grounded. In style we blend contemporary music with some hymns and value expository preaching. We desire to glorify God from sincere, passionate, Spirit-regenerated hearts that overflow in a holy walk and witness, both locally and internationally.

What We Believe

• The inerrancy of the Scriptures.
• The deity of Christ, Who is one of the three persons of the Godhead.
• Christ’s substitutionary death for sin and His resurrection as Lord of all.
• Justification, and therefore salvation, through faith in Christ alone.
• Holiness as the inevitable outcome of being born of God’s Spirit to a living faith.
• The doctrines of grace (Reformed theology, emphasizing God’s sovereign rule over all things).
• The visible, bodily, glorious return of Christ to judge the living and the dead.
• The necessity to carry the gospel to every people group.